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Looking For The Secret Ingredient During The RE Interview

Looking For The Secret Ingredient During The Interview

dopeI have been interviewing new agents for many years now. I enjoy the process immensely. This might sound like a crazy notion, but I like looking for that key trait…that one thing that will pinpoint who is going to be successful and who isn’t. It isn’t black and white or an exact science either. Sometimes they throw you a curve ball. I have hired meek, mild-mannered types only to watch then turn…

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2800Kms and Counting And One More Lesson Learned

I’ve run 2800Kms in the last 2.5yrs and just learned one more lesson about prospecting.

Three years ago, January 2012, I had a crazy notion to ramp up my fitness so I decided to set a goal of running one hundred 10K’s. I had no idea if I could do it. I liked running, just not THAT much. I’m a busy guy so I knew I would have to do it early in the morning if I had any chance. I ran in the cold, the rain, the snow. Often I…

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What Colour is Your Tent

As many of you know, I’ve been off work for the last couple of weeks. A near death experience (bike vs car) tends to knock the wind out of your sails and even a too brief trip to the islands to recover can only do so much. Luckily for me, lying on the beach can be inspiring so when I returned to Toronto I was excited to put a few of my new ideas to the test.

3 tentsLast week’s meeting was not only the last of 2012 but our best by far so I’m excited to share this one with agents and managers across the country. Here is the set up. While I was lying on the beach in the sunny Caribbean there were a bunch of different coloured tents selling the usual touristy wares; shark teeth necklaces, shell frames and magnets, tie die t-shirts, and lots of home-made chachkas. With each tent essentially selling the same thing it got me thinking…what makes Joe Tourist buy something from one tent and not the other?

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Mastermind for November 7th. The Reverse Cold Call and The Power of Rentals

Mastermind for November 7th. The Reverse Cold Call and The Power of Rentals

by mark mclean


Well, I’m sitting in the lounge waiting for my flight to Orlando. I am heading down for REBarCamp and NAR, the once yearly convention for Realtors. Since I have nearly an hour to kill and about 15% battery life on my iPad, this is as good a time as any to write a blog about today’s Mastermind session.

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