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You Need To Lose a Deal!

You need to loseI really don’t want to sound like a broken record, but, OMG, if I have to utter those words again I think I might scream.
Here is the scenario. An agent recently took out new clients to look at houses. They had built up a nice rapport, spent some quality time together and had a BRA signed. Things were looking good. They found a house they loved. The agent knew it was competitively priced and that…

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Mastermind for July 18th. Explain That Form Or Go To Jail

by mark mclean

Happy Wednesday. It feels like it has been weeks since my last post. Blame it on our  Summer schedule. Well, just because we are meeting less doesn’t mean that we are working less. This week’s Mastermind was one of the liveliest we’ve had in a while.

There are two ways to be great at what you do; One is to practice the habits of successful people and the other is to NOT do what unsuccessful people do. You might say that these are kind of the same thing, but really they are not. Mastermind is the nearest thing we have to a mentoring program. Agents talk about different strategies for dealing with certain situations, and through discussions about other agent missteps we make mental notes and learn not to make the same mistakes. If we can learn from our own mistakes perhaps we can learn even more from the mistakes of others.

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Are You Sure You Didn’t Sign a Buyer Representation Agreement?

by mark mclean

When the market is as hot as it has been, every buyer out there is looking for a little edge. And why not? After many failed attempts, buyers will resort to nearly anything to win that house. Buyer fatigue is a real malady.  Bully offers are just the tip of the iceberg. A few weeks ago I proposed a possibility that one buyer might eventually resort to paying off another buyer to rescind his offer. It hasn’t happened as far as I know but desperate times calls for desperate measures. And when buyers are desperate, agents can get raked over the coals. The pressure is on and their commissions are at stake.

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